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Candle Dice

Hi everyone! We’ve just returned from a fabulous family holiday, camping in Tenby, just a 10 minute walk to the beach! We enjoyed it that much, we even stayed for an extra night! We spend 5 fantastic days beach walking, collecting shells and sea glass, eating far too much fish and chips, sitting around the campfire, and rock pooling, making fantastic memories with the kids!

So back to today’s blog, I thought I’d walk you through how we make our popular, rather quirky Candle Dice.

From our “Fired Larch” range, the wood has a unique dark look with raised grain, which is then finished with a high quality wax. This is achieved in four stages.

We begin by cutting the wood into a cube, measuring approximately 15cm x 15cm (6inches) across each face. We then mark the holes on each side (taking care to ensure each face adds up to 7!) and then drilling to take the candles.

The next stage is the fire! 🔥 we burn each face of the die, to charr the wood, using a gas torch. Then, we brush out the charred, softer areas of the wood, leaving the denser, harder grain behind. This stage also darkens the wood, the first step to giving it its unique colour.

Finally, we apply the wax, this is ragged on, allowed to dry slightly, and then ragged again, creating friction which re-melts the wax, and smooths it out evenly across the surface of the wood. This process is then repeated, creating the final dark shine.

Our dice are available to purchase from our shop right now, priced at just £18.99 each, or £29.99 for a set of two, with free UK shipping, and also 6 t-lights per Die!

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